2023 Garden Tours

April 21 & 22, 2023, 11 am - 5 pm

Nothing gets the design ideas flowing like a walk through an impressive garden. Some are personal masterpieces and others are continuous life-long love affairs.

They all manifest the passion of their gardeners and will help ignite your passion for designing your own garden. Viewing what another garden designer has accomplished opens your eyes to what is attainable.

Scroll down for a preview of the private gardens to be featured during the tour. Check back as more gardens may be added.

*** NO STROLLERS OR PETS IN THE GARDENS (with exception to service dogs)



Garden #1, 2259 Cumming Rd., Augusta, GA

Beyond the stately English Tudor home, seven garden “rooms” elegantly divide the expansive property and mimic the original 1930’s garden design. Admire distinctive features including fountains, parterres, a koi pond, a luxurious pool, and the exceptional use of plant and hardscape materials, all meticulous cared for by its “Master Gardener” homeowner.

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Garden #2, 2216 Cumming Rd., Augusta, GA

This luxuriously landscaped Country Club Hills garden always has something in bloom. Its lovely foliage and artistically designed pathways reveal its hidden Ireland-inspired stacked stone seating and stairway. The gardens feature camellias, azaleas, and classic evergreens sprinkled with blossoming perennials and spring bulbs.

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Garden #3, 2254 Overton Rd., Augusta, GA

Come stroll through this lovely cottage garden complete with its own white picket fence. It’s been an inspiring oasis for generations of creative individuals, including a woman dubbed the “patron saint” of the Women’s Titleholder Golf Tournament.

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Garden #4, 2618 Henry St., Augusta, GA

Explore this charming "backyard oasis" in a landscape of lush evergreens, ornamental shrubs, and roses with vibrant pops of color from a mixture of annuals and perennials. With an enticing water feature, lovely outdoor living space, and an inviting guest house, the space invites you to sit a while to enjoy family time and watch little cousins play. This garden is even more special as a gate connects it to an adjacent sister’s garden.

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Garden #5, 2609 Walton Way, Augusta, GA

This lovely historic garden evokes visions of formal garden parties, with its koi pond, graceful statuary, intricate brickwork and shaped hedges. While its historical design has been preserved, more modern features create a haven for this family with a spacious pool, outdoor living space, sandbox play area and, to the delight of the golfers in the family, a replica of the 16th green of a nearby famous golf course. The young cousins in these two adjacent gardens will share fond memories for years to come!

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